Current trends in Interior Design 2016

Ballarat Interior Design

As we move through 2016 we welcome the Interior Design trend of fresh interiors.


With light timbers, simple furniture, indoor plants, with understated minimalism and styling,

Scandinavian design has also become increasingly popular. 


More are more, we are leading Contemporary Lifestyles

that include work, family, exercise, social media and going out for coffee.

Our interiors are now reflecting this lifestyle,

with simple fresh interiors and minimalism.    Less is now More!


The fresh colour trend welcomes greys with a hint of colour,

as we become less satisfied with just grey.  

We still want grey but also a hint of colour.

We now see clean whites and whites with a hint of yellow ... subtle but there.  


We are seeing light timbers increase in popularity with the use of oak and

as we spend more time indoors when we are home,

we welcome the freshness of indoor plants to bring nature close to us.   


Copper is the new silver and interesting lighting is high on our wish list.


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Michelle Donald
Ballarat Specialist Colour Consultant

Dulux Colour Designer for the Ballarat Area.