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Interior Design Trends 2013

via carlisle homes


Trending …

Nordic Style 

one of my all time faves

because it focuses on simplicity

with the use of natural elements …

Wood,  Wool,  Leather and Stone.

Clean Lines provide a sophisticated edge.


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Trending …

Industrial  …

Do you see the steps and study nook?

How Clever!


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Industrial Design …

Masculine Elements

Worn Elements of Brick & Concrete

Interesting Artwork

Warehouse Pendant Lighting

The use of Metal & reclaimed Wood


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Industrial Chic …

Recognising the Romance in the Rough …

it requires a girlie injection

if there’s brick …

it will often be painted white

Accents of pretty colours & accessories

add a homely touch.

add x

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Industrial Chic…

Streamlined architecture 

adds a sophisticated edge

White furniture,

 curved lighting and chairs

provide the feminine touch.

Recognising the Romance

in  the raw, rough, reclaimed & worn …

 girlie accents …

together with modern clean lines …

Industrial Chic!


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Inspiring White interiors

via White Cabana


 Today is all about inspiring white interiors…

always elegant, always timeless


 how amazing do these empty frames look!


via emmas blog 



 sophisticated and minimal,

allowing the architecture to shine.


via Designs of My Mod-Artsy Apartment


white makes a great foil

for bright pops of colour.



 via design spirationsk


Don’t you just love the girlie romance of this room!



via Living with White  and all above images via pinterest


If you find white a bit too disciplined…

then maybe you’d prefer

a beautiful contemporary greige

still sophisticated…

just a little more forgiving.


Enjoy the timeless beauty of the all white interior.




If you are in the Ballarat Area

and need help choosing

a beautiful white or griege for your home…

please call me on 0409 433 058


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Contemporary Taupe or Greige

Hello friends,

Today I would like to share with you

what I have discovered about Taupe.




so you’ve probably heard the words… 

taupe, grey beige or greige

but which one is it?

Is it taupe?

Is it grey beige

or is it greige?



 well, it’s basically all of the above


taupe, grey beige and greige

all contain one underlying factor

one unifying element…

a defining pink undertone.



So let me explain from the start…

In the past taupe has been known and recognised

as a mixture of grey and brown

but just as colour trends have changed

so has taupe.

As our contemporary neutrals

have now become cleaner and drier,

taupe is now more commonly referred to

as a mixture of grey and beige…


This cleaner and drier greige

also has a higher grey content

which has allowed taupe to remain

at the forefront of Contemporary Design.



Taupe (greige) is elegant and chic

and can make a great foil for bright pops of colour.

The new greige’s with their very greyed base

come to life with colour

and a simple but effective way

of introducing colour into your home

is with fresh flowers.

Taupe (griege) also has an extraordinary ability

to make siver and glass shine.



There is one guideline or rule though,

when it comes to taupe (greige)

that I must share with you…

it has an aversion to yellow

which includes yellowy creams or yellowy beiges.

 You see…

pink undertones and yellow undertones

each have a very strong personality

and they both like to be boss,

so if placed together

they compete for hierarchy

resulting in chaos and discord.

I kid you not!



Taupe, (greige) with it’s warm pink undertone

and complex nature,

has a versatility in it’s range of hue like no other neutral.

It also has the ability to change in natural light

and change again when placed alongside certain colours.

It will work in a light and bright colour scheme

or just like the Contemporary Greys…

create an atmosphere of moody sophistication.


 (photography & styling by me)


During my years of Colour Consulting

I have found

few can deny the beauty,

the warmth and calmness

of this ever evolving Contemporary neutral.

Taupe…. Greige…..




If you are in the Ballarat Area

and need help choosing

a Contemporary Colour Scheme

for your home…

please contact me here.


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Swedish Interiors and fuchsia

Hello friends,

How are you today?



How stunning is this Swedish Apartment?!!!

Firstly it was the architecture that caught my eye

but then I noticed the wall colour

can you see how it’s not quite white?

More of a greige…

a mix of grey and beige

contemporary and drier than the muddier taupes…

 grey but still warm

It looks so striking

and can you also see how fresh

 the sharp white woodwork looks

when teamed with this greige.

Now often when you have pale flooring

like this very beautiful parquetry,

the greige can look a little cold but…

it works because of the sharp white skirtings

 butting up to the greige and therefore breaking it up.

Greige walls come to life

when teamed with bright pops of colour

like the fuchsia accents here…

minimal colour accents

 that really ‘pop’.

Bright pops of colour is what is said

to turn the greys from drab to fab

and this room is a great illustration of this.



Here we have the dining room

and the texture of the black rug adds warmth here

again keeping the walls neutral….

makes the architecture the feature.

Incorporating a simple dining table and chairs

along with the transparency of the ’Ghost’ dining chairs,

 keeps the room looking spacious and airy.


all images via living with white 


Swedish design is all about maximising light,

keeping things simple and uncluttered

minimal, stylish

and timeless.


x Michelle


If you need help choosing colour

or introducing Swedish Design into your home

please contact me here.


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