Colour & Design Trends 2012 from sweden


Let’s start the week off with

The New Colour & Design Trends for 2012 from Sweden…

it’s all about Grey…



with brightly coloured accessories



the mixing of old and new


 natural materials…


Wood, Wool & Leather


all  above pics  via 79 ideas  via hus & hem


 and here are the Colours!

How beautifully inspiring and how very exciting!


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One thought on “Colour & Design Trends 2012 from sweden

  1. vintageandart

    I found that post really interesting…. l’m surprised at the strength of the greys they’re using….not the usual light and bright, more sort of moody greys aren’t they…the colours they’ve teamed with them are unexpected as well, l really love that living room …looks so cosy but you’d have to be a midget to get under that pendant light…haha!! Thanks for keeping us in the loop Shel.


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