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swedish colour palette … neutral


Whenever I see an interior that ‘speaks’ to me

I like to ask myself …

what is it about the room that I love ?

This helps me to identify

my own personal style.

Here I love how the room is stylish but relaxed …

not too fussy or formal

and I really love it’s neutral colour palette …

the blue undertoned grey painted lining boards

with the accents of white and natural.

 It’s simplistic but girlie

and reflects swedish design

which has to be my all time favourite.



Here I especially love the soft pink in the girlie vest

against the neutral palette background.


via 79 ideas from Kim Timmerman


Again this room oozes swedish style

with it’s blue grey raked ceiling,

contemporary reading lamp

and the natural elements of coziness

in the woollen cushions, throws and rugs.


  When trying to identify your personal style

it’s a good idea to recognise ….

not just the fact that a room appeals to you

but why you find it so appealing.

If you do this continually

 you will begin to see a theme …

a theme that represents

 your own personal style …

the style that’s right for you.


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