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A little more Autumn Fashion Shopping 2012


This week, even though

 I’ve been fabulously busy with my work …

I’ve still been thinking about

my Autumn wardrobe!




A new shirt …

in my favourite Autumn colour …


Lovely colour and style  …

with the added element of vintage …

with it’s peter-pan collar and tie

reminiscent of the 1950′s ‘prim and proper’ era …

which I will juxtapose with jeans and boots


and OMG!

I’m so in love

 with these new chestnut coloured suede boots!



A new fun bracelet …

and orange will make the perfect accent colour



 I’m embracing Autumn

with pretty flowers of Aster Daisies

in a new contemporary bottle.


Shirt & Bracelet … Sportsgirl

Boots … by Valeria Grossi from Tony Bianco

Bottle … Myer


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Autumn Fashion Shopping 2012


As soon as it gets to February

I start thinking about shopping

 for my autumn wardrobe …

 these are the things

 that have ‘spoken’ to me so far …



Two new merino wool tops which I can layer …

one a creamy neutral with a pink undertone

and the other a purple undertoned grey



I fell in love …

 with the texture and warmth of this vest,

 it’s neutral colour with it’s pink undertone


These boots with their vintage patina

spoke to me also

see how they’re a low ankle height?

That’s the new winter look …

they can be worn with straight jeans

or with skinny leg jeans tucked into them.

The boots are grey and have a green undertone.



I really wanted some new bracelets too

and I loved the natural look of these,

see the charcoal beads?…

they have a purple undertone.

The reason I bought two is so

I can wear them on both wrists!


photos/styling by me


Just like in Interior Design …

the Vintage vibe continues in fashion

this Autumn/Winter

 off-set by natural textures

so mix it up with natural elements …

  think …

 wood, wool, leather and suede,

but most of all have fun with fashion!


Tops …  Kookai

Vest … Country Road

Boots … glue

Bracelets … Sportsgirl


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