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xmas in red and white


I’ve finally decided on the my xmas colour theme…

red and white…

fun, bright and cheery!



Here is a moodboard

of all the things that ‘spoke’ to me this xmas



I’m happy to add a little ‘natural’

into the mix

to ground and relax the colour theme.



a crochet star adds a touch of vintage



my tree…

simple, minimal

and contemporary

Just how I like it!


(photography and styling by me) 


Wishing you all the joys of xmas everyone

and thankyou for visiting my blog!

See you back here soon.



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a contemporary traditional xmas



 This week…

a contemporary traditional xmas colour scheme




with colours of red and green





but with whispers of tradition



(photography and styling by me)



Colour Palette


  Colour: Resene Quarter Rakaia  
Chart: Resene The Range whites & neutrals (2010)


Colour: Resene Howzat  
Chart: Resene The Range 2011/12


 Colour: Resene Roadster  
Chart: Resene Multi-finish range 2008


Thankyou for visiting my blog!



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a contemporary grey xmas



Thinking about…

a contemporary xmas colour theme



inspired by the beautiful contemporary greys



with echoes of scandinavia…




(photography & styling by me)


and the joy of xmas.



xmas greetings & thankyou to all who visit 




If you are building or renovating in the Ballarat Area

and need the help of a Colour Consultant

please call me on 0409 433 058


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colour inspiration… orange red


This week…

bright colours

of orange turning to red



a new blouse…



simple flowers…


(photography & styling by me)


and bliss!


Thankyou for visiting my blog!




 blouse… Country Road


If you are building or renovating in the Ballarat Area

and need the help of a Colour Consultant…

please call me on 0409 433 058


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