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Colour Inspiration… Lilac



This week…

it’s all about lilac.





Lilac buds placed on a backdrop

 of the beautiful fuchsia pink…

 Resene Smitten




the lilac moodboard…






I’ve been repainting some vintage furniture too….



(photography & styling by me)


Now that Contemporary design

is mixing old and new…

Vintage is huge

and a  great way to add a little vintage to your home

 is with painted vintage furniture.

 Get the look with

Resene Soapstone.


 I’ve so loved this week of

painting, floral photography and moodboards…

it’s been pure joy!


Thankyou so much for visiting me here today!



If you are in the Ballarat Area

and need help choosing colour for your home…

please contact me here


 MD Interior Design

obsessing over Colour and Design…

so you don’t have to!


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Colour Inspiration… red, white, blue and green




This week

I have been totally inspired by

Spring Fashion Brights

of red, white, blue and green


The Moodboard…



Country Road Spring Collection 2011  



The Colours…








The interpretations are endless…









(photography & styling by me)


Thankyou for visiting…

I had so much fun creating this post!

Spring brights





If you are in the Ballarat Area

and need help choosing colour for your home…

please contact me here


MD Interior Design

obsessing over Colour and Design…

so you don’t have to!


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Decorating the Mantel

Hello friends,


I have a mantel shelf in my lounge room

  it’s timber

and probably a little too masculine for me

 because I am always trying to pretty it up

 with girlie things I love….



I love the romance…

 of fresh flowers and decorative glass jars 

and as you can see…

my craze on upcycled empty cans continues!

I also really enjoy changing the colour theme

today it’s blue purple and pink! 



I love glass, mirror and silverware placed together

and a black and white photograph adds a little vintage

I also love Ribbon…



and paper!



 (photography & styling by me)



All the things I love…

On the mantel shelf

to help make my house a home.


Thankyou for taking the time out to visit me here today!



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md at home

Hello friends,

I’ve been enjoying doing some spring cleaning

so I thought I’d take some photos

to share with you

and tell you a little more about my kitchen.

I’ve been renovating for almost 20 years

For me it’s fun,

and I consider it to be ‘my thing’.

I designed my kitchen myself

and 4 years on…

 I still love everything.

See where the fridge is?

Well, in my original 1950′s kitchen

(which was such a joy….not!)

 this was a wall oven

and there was actually no space allocated for a fridge!

Can you see the tall glass doors at the end?

Well, when we moved in

this was the cavity for a laundry

which we immediately relocated

to make way for a fridge and makeshift pantry.

(which was better…

 but not ideal)


 15 years on,

when the time came to renovate the kitchen

the whole area was gutted

 to make way for a totally new design.

The fridge and pantry

 now live in the kitchen

which is sooo much better!

 Although, for the first 3 months…

 I must have walked a millions times

out to the old spot to get the milk.


For this area I designed

tall elegant glass fronted cupboards,

they’re quite deep

and are a much needed requirement

in a 1950′s house.

See the benchtop?

It’s a blue grey composite stone

with bits of mirror crushed into it.

So when the downlights go on…

there’s a bit of sparkle and bling happening

and what girl doesn’t love a bit of bling?

When I was initially planning my kitchen

and spotted this benchtop sample…

  I absolutely fell in love with it!

I believe, that’s how it should be for anyone

who is planning a new kitchen…

You MUST love your benchtop.

With the average lifespan of a kitchen

being 14 years,

(before it starts to look shabby and tired)

loving your kitchen finishes

will give them longevity

long after fashion has come and gone…

and it does.

So choose

a cabinetry finish that appeals to you as well

and it must be tough and hardwearing.

Here I’ve used a vinyl wrap gloss

and I chose white because

it’s light and bright

 very easy to clean

as well as being pretty much timeless.

 (photography & styling by me) 

My white kitchen

with it’s complementary white walls

makes a great foil for bright pops of colour

 (my favourite)

and I can include these

 in the way of fresh flowers

or kitchen accessories

which can be changed from time to time.

The original timber flooring was kept…

because it’s honest and relaxed

and it’s what you would expect to see

in a home of this era.

When renovating an older home…

removing all the original features

can result in it losing it’s personality and soul.


I really like how the design and colours

 reflect scandinavian influences

which for some reason

 I am naturally drawn to.

Thankyou for visiting me here today

and if you like…

you can see more of my kitchen

 here and in the gallery.


If you live in the Ballarat area

and need help choosing

paint and kitchen finishes for your home…

please contact me here.

MD Interior Design

obsessing over colour and design…

so you don’t have to!

Colour Inspiration – the first day of Spring!

Hello friends,



  Today I’m celebrating the first day of spring!



This week I’ve been basking in the glorious sunshine

picking flowers and doing some spring decorating…



Here I’ve upcycled empty tins to use as vases

and I love them just as much as any old expensive vase!



 I’ve placed a sheet of gorgeous paper on a table

for extra colour

(after all…

spring is all about colour)

and then the tins of flowers.


 (photography & styling by me)



Spring is my favourite time year…

  it’s a time to refresh

 a time for new beginnings

and new creativity.




If you are in the Ballarat Area

and need help choosing colour for your home

please contact me here.


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