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Displaying fresh flowers in your home

Hello friends,


Today I’d like to talk about flowers

and the importance of fresh flowers in the home.

Nothing gives a feeling of aliveness

or creates atmosphere

 like fresh flowers,

even the most simplest display

can bring a room to life.



If you are feeling down

or if life seems a little tough right now,

getting back to nature

will always help to ease the pain

and soothe the soul.

 Surrounding yourself with flowers

can be extremely comforting

as there’s just something about them isn’t there?…

their beauty, their colour

but also an aliveness

and reminder of how

it’s the simple things in life

that ultimately are the most important,

like nature, family and love.




As Design moves away from fussy interiors (yay!)

we can feel free

to use our own creativity in displaying flowers.

Here I’ve chosen to

use simple bottles and vases

and even an empty spaghetti can!

 I’ve grouped together single stems of flowers

and kept the theme to glassware

in different shapes and sizes

from plain glass to crystal.

I love how the empty spaghetti can

adds some unexpected interest,

a relaxed vintage touch

and compliments the glassware.

Silver and glassware

go so well together.



When displaying in groups

keep the taller vases and stems to the back

with the smaller ones to the front,

this will help eliminate shadowing

and they will be easier on the eye to see.

Remember, anything can be used

to display flowers,

the rule is…

if it holds water

it can hold flowers.

This gives a whole new meaning

to recycling!



 (photography & styling by me)


I hope life is treating you well my friends.

Enjoy the beauty of flowers

and the promise of Spring!



 MD Interior Design

obsessing over colour and design…

so you don’t have to!


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