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Contemporary Purple

Hello friends,


This week I’ve been thinking about


and it’s no wonder,

 when there are so many

   beautiful Contemporary Purples available

from purple undertoned grey,

to belgian chocolate,

  grape and blackberry.



Here I’ve included some bright lime green and fuchsia

for a little complementary contrast.



Also inspiring this purple colour theme

is this pretty flowering plant,

it’s is an Australian native… 

‘Happy Wanderer’

and at the moment,

it’s (happily) climbing and flowering

on the exterior of my office,

helping to make winter worthwhile.



Whilst out shopping,

but still thinking of purple

I couldn’t resist this gorgeous wrapping paper,

with it’s Contemporary pattern and colours

it has a very tactile look and feel to it

 almost like wallpaper.


 (photography & styling by me)


It makes the perfect paper for wrapping presents

and now that design is mixing old and new…

decorating vintage bottles!

Such fun!

Contemporary Purple





MD Interior Design

obsessing over Colour & Design…

so you don’t have to!


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Contemporary Taupe or Greige

Hello friends,

Today I would like to share with you

what I have discovered about Taupe.




so you’ve probably heard the words… 

taupe, grey beige or greige

but which one is it?

Is it taupe?

Is it grey beige

or is it greige?



 well, it’s basically all of the above


taupe, grey beige and greige

all contain one underlying factor

one unifying element…

a defining pink undertone.



So let me explain from the start…

In the past taupe has been known and recognised

as a mixture of grey and brown

but just as colour trends have changed

so has taupe.

As our contemporary neutrals

have now become cleaner and drier,

taupe is now more commonly referred to

as a mixture of grey and beige…


This cleaner and drier greige

also has a higher grey content

which has allowed taupe to remain

at the forefront of Contemporary Design.



Taupe (greige) is elegant and chic

and can make a great foil for bright pops of colour.

The new greige’s with their very greyed base

come to life with colour

and a simple but effective way

of introducing colour into your home

is with fresh flowers.

Taupe (griege) also has an extraordinary ability

to make siver and glass shine.



There is one guideline or rule though,

when it comes to taupe (greige)

that I must share with you…

it has an aversion to yellow

which includes yellowy creams or yellowy beiges.

 You see…

pink undertones and yellow undertones

each have a very strong personality

and they both like to be boss,

so if placed together

they compete for hierarchy

resulting in chaos and discord.

I kid you not!



Taupe, (greige) with it’s warm pink undertone

and complex nature,

has a versatility in it’s range of hue like no other neutral.

It also has the ability to change in natural light

and change again when placed alongside certain colours.

It will work in a light and bright colour scheme

or just like the Contemporary Greys…

create an atmosphere of moody sophistication.


 (photography & styling by me)


During my years of Colour Consulting

I have found

few can deny the beauty,

the warmth and calmness

of this ever evolving Contemporary neutral.

Taupe…. Greige…..




If you are in the Ballarat Area

and need help choosing

a Contemporary Colour Scheme

for your home…

please contact me here.


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Contemporary Grey

Hello friends,

 How are you today?


This is blue undertoned grey



The blue undertones are ever so subtle…



but there.



This is green undertoned grey



sometimes the undertones are impossible see …



without comparing one grey to another.




This is purple undertoned grey



it’s beauty makes it very chic


(photography & styling by me)


and very on trend.


Can you see the different undertones?


Contemporary Grey has either

blue, green or purple undertones.





MD Interior Design

obsessing over Colour and Design…

so you don’t have to!


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Contemporary Vintage Romantic purple grey and pink

Hello friends,



Today is all about….

Contemporary Vintage Romantic purple grey and pink

(wow!…  that’s quite a mouthful isn’t it?)






I bought this gorgeous vintage teacup and saucer

in the shabby chic era,

  several years ago at a flea market.

As soon as I spotted it,

I fell in love with it’s colour, romance and prettiness.

It was very inexpensive

 because it didn’t have a matching saucer


a liitle further along the market I found this saucer….

exactly the same colour,

 even with the gold trim.

I couldn’t believe my luck!

Do you know what?

after all these years ….

this simple teacup is probably my favourite posession.



and can you see here

 how this Contemporary background

with it’s beautiful streamlined composite stone

clean lines,

and purple undertoned grey wall

 makes such a great foil for Vintage?


 (photography & styling by me)


This is what I especially love about Contemporary Design

and it’s minimalism…

 it allows

one simple vintage display to be the star…

one simple pretty item

can become the showpeace…

the showcase of any room.


Contemporary Vintage Romance…


   Have you ever found something at a flea market

 that you fell totally in love with?



  MD Interior Design

obsessing over Colour and Design…

so you don’t have to!  


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