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Contemporary Vintage purple grey and pink

Hello friends,

Thankyou so much for joining me here today.


sweet peas in a simple vase say vintage


I’m still thinking about

purple undertoned grey and pink…..

 but with a Contemporary Vintage twist.

Now that design is mixing old and new… 

Vintage is huge.





I popped into my local flower market

to look for pink flowers that spoke vintage to me…

and these Sweet peas certainly did

and just look at the glorious colours!



After I photographed them just in a simple jar,

I thought I’d experiment

to push the vintage theme even further,

by introducing some vintage books as well.

I love how the yellow books

pick up the yellow in the sweetpeas.


Can you see how the clean lines

and sleekness of the contemporary stone,

together with the contemporary grey background

highlight the vintage books

and actually show off

the perfection in the imperfection?

I love this!



The polka dots on the letters say Vintage


 Here I’ve made a very simple garland,

and attached some letters,

letters are also very big in design at the moment.

and can you see my unique style…?


but with a definite girly edge.



 This photo frame was bought new

but it was made to look vintage.


Can you see how beautifully all the colours ‘pop’

against the Contemporary grey background?



Ofcourse I had to add some paper

(I really love paper!)


some simple paper butterfly punches

attached to the wall

 said it all for me.


Again the polka dots say vintage

 (photography & styling by me)


The thing I love about Contemporary Design

is it’s versatility and it’s ability,

to compliment Vintage

and perfect this design

of mixing the old with the new…

the shabby with the sleek.


Contemporary Vintage…

remember to have fun with it

keep it simple

 and enjoy it!




If you are in the Ballarat Area

and need help choosing paint colours

for your home

that reflect Contemporary colours of today 


 colours that are influenced by the ones you favour

then please contact me here.


MD Interior Design

obsessing over colour and design…

so you don’t have to!


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Contemporary Purple undertoned Grey and Pink

Hello friends,

and to anyone new visiting here today….





My colour obsession continues….

this week with purple undertoned greys and pink.

 My consulting has been a little quieter this week

and this has given me the perfect opportunity

to catch up on a little clothes shopping

oh joy!


a scarf, two tops and a pink cardigan


I believe fashion and interior design go together,

 usually what’s happening in fashion

filters into design and vice versa. 

We are in the grey trend at the moment in design

and I am also seeing grey everywhere in fashion stores

especially purple undertoned grey.

I have a trained eye and can spot it a mile off

and I find myself particularly drawn to it.

I’m also seeing it in the home accessory stores

and in jewellery.



 I couldn’t resist this contemporary necklace 


In contemporary interior design

which is what I specialise in

(because I love the new stuff)

the purple undertoned greys are ‘hot’.



can you see the purple undertones? 


I’m also enjoying

 teaming purple grey clothes with pink

because they look gorgeous together

and pink is the perfect way

to add some girlieness

to the more masculine purple grey.

I also love the play on

masculine versus feminine.


I couldn’t leave without checking out the paper store.  

I love paper too… 


You’ve probably heard me say this before,

but when I see grey

I always try to pick it’s undertone…

purple, green or blue.

When you’re colour obsessed

this is a whole lot of fun!


How contemporary is this wedding card! 


Next time you see grey

you may like to try and pick it’s undertone,

grey has undertones of either purple, green or blue

and if you’re not sure of what an undertone is…

it’s a hue hiding within a hue

hue means colour so…

 a colour hiding within a colour.



 (photography & styling by me)





MD Interior Design

obsessing over colour and design….

so you don’t have to!


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Contemporary Vintage in-situ

Hello friends

How are you today?


I’ve been changing things around in my own kitchen

by adding a little vintage.

Now that design is mixing old and new

and now that the contemporary masculine trend is over…

we can have fun adding some vintage girlieness

to our contemporary kitchens.

Oh joy… my favourite.



 I have a display cupboard either side of the rangehood

 so I’m using these to add some pretty cups

and also some pretty girlie colour.

I bought the cups new

but they were made to look vintage.



On this side I have some vintage tins

Can you see how they’re floral at the base

and the lid is striped.

I especially love this about them

because the florals say vintage

and the stripes say contemporary.


I’ve kept things minimal

because besides being a contemporist

I’m also a minimalist.

I totally don’t ‘get’ the hoarding thing.




 Here is my teatowel drawer

with the pretty vintage drawer liners in place.

(from my last post)

The teatowels also represent

contemporary vintage

with stripes, florals and polkat dots.

and yes…

I do own more than three!


 (photography & styling by me) 


 I designed my kitchen myself

but before this,

I lived with the original 1950′s kitchen

for 15 years

which was not fun!

Oh the joys of renovating.

My new kitchen is contemporary and sleek

 with clean lines

and every surface is glossy and shiny…

just how I like it!

but it also means

it’s extremely difficult to photograph 

because of all the reflective surfaces.

You can see more of my kitchen in the gallery. 

Do you notice….

I have kept to my own personal colour theme

of blue, pink and green.

These are the colours I favour,

the colours that reflect my personal style

the colours that are unique to me?

Do you know the colours you favour?



MD Interior Design

obsessing over colour and design…

so you don’t have to!


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A Contemporary Vintage kitchen moodboard

Hello there friends

How are you today?



I’ve been having lots of fun this week


a contemporary vintage kitchen moodboard.

It was as much fun collecting the items

as it was making up the moodboard.


Now that design is mixing old and new,

we can enjoy 

adding some pretty decorative vintage accessories

to our kitchens.




 Here you can see

I’ve kept to a colour theme,

 of blue, green, pink and red.


I’ve included some pretty polka dot ribbon…

I use the ribbon for decorating presents

as they look so lovely when tied with a ribbon.

It also adds a special personal touch

to any gift.

 Having pretty ribbons in a drawer

adds a little girlie prettiness to any kitchen.

I love ribbon,

I have endless rolls of it.



 These are scented drawer liners

in a floral vintage pattern

these will line my tea towel drawer.



The bunting I will put up

when there’s a birthday celebration…

I can’t wait!




I couldn’t resist this gorgeous thankyou card

don’t you just love the polka dot envelope?

 A gel pen makes writing notes so much more fun.

I love gel pens too,

each day I choose a different colour to write with.





I have to admit to having

a slight fascination with pegs,

I use them in the kitchen all the time…

when I have a half used packet

I peg it!



Here are some pretty coloured cookie cutters,

after all,

what’s a kitchen without cookies?



and lastly…

floral vintage patterned tissues

these could also be interpreted

in serviettes as well.


 (photography & styling by me) 


You know….

choosing all these lovely things for this moodboard

was more than just about the items I chose,

it also allowed me to delve into why

I chose them.

It helps me to understand my personal style better

the things I gravitate towards

the things I favour

and this helps me to understand myself better as well.


So, when next choosing things for your home

don’t just be aware of what you favour

but also delve into why you

favour them,

after a while you may then begin to recognise

a common thread

a familiarity which is unique to you

unique to your own personal style.




MD Interior Design

obsessing over colour and design…

so you don’t have to!


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