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A fresh take on Contemporary Vintage

Hello friends,

How are you today? 


I know, I know….

it just takes your breath away doesn’t it!

It’s a fresh take on

Contemporary Vintage

and Oh me, Oh my…  it’s stunning!

It’s also the home of the very talented Yvonne

from yvestown

who kindly granted me permission

to use her photos.

Many thanks Yvonne!




 The industrial lights say contemporary,

 the all white interior

and bright pops of colour say contemporary ’fresh’

and the Smeg fridge says contemporary vintage.

Glorious, Glorious Glorious!




The colour theme

is blue, green, pink and red

and it all goes together so beautifully.

Do you notice the floral oven mitt

 hanging against the very contemporary

smeg cooker?

It’s says vintage

as does the spotted one above.

How clever!





the colour theme has been repeated here

with lovely kitchen accessories.

The mixer…

placed on the counter top

says vintage retro.



Have you ever…?

in your life

seen such a gorgeous loo!

Gosh, the floral wallpaper!

and look at the lovely blue in the tiled floor.

 With it’s fresh but relaxed take on


but with a definite feminine edge…

 who wouldn’t want to be

surrounded by

by the beauty of

Contemporary Vintage!


What do you think my dear reader

do you love it too?



If you would like to see

a fresh take on

Contemporary Vintage in your home…

please contact me here


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Happy Easter!

Hello there dear friends,

How are you today?



 Easter is almost apon us

and I always find this time of year exciting…

 mostly because of the chocolate!

but also because it’s about

spending quality time with family and friends

enjoying yummy chocolate eggs with my children

(sorry scales!)


and drinking endless cups of tea.



It’s about reading lovely magazines’s

 and ignoring the clock,

 taking long walks

and admiring the beauty

 of mother nature.




Happy Easter to you!

I wish you much laughter, joy and happiness

at Easter time

please stay safe,

and enjoy… 



 (photography & styling by me)


p.s. I have a little saying

 when it comes to easter eggs…

it’s always the first egg

the very first bite,

the first snap through the egg,

the first delicious taste

of the chocolate slowly melting away 

  thrilling the tastebuds and the senses. 

No other is quite like it.



How to add Vintage to your home

Hello friends,

How are you today?





 so we all know that design is mixing old and new

don’t we?

(If not, you can read more here)

but how do we go about injecting a little vintage

into our homes

after all,

too much vintage

can sometimes

just say old fashioned…& old.





If you’re a contemporist like me,

and you like to keep your interiors contemporary

but would like to include a little vintage in the mix as well,

then here’s a few ideas for the kitchen…





 Pick a colour theme

for me,

it’s accent pastels of greens, pinks and blues as

they go beautifully with my white glossy cabinetry

and my blue-grey composite stone bench tops

but more importantly,

they’re the colours that I naturally favour.

I believe we’re all pretty much aware

of the colours we gravitate towards.




- Say vintage with tea towels…

 polka dots and florals say vintage



- a dinnerset,

mine was bought new and is a few years old now

but was designed to look vintage.

I like how it’s floraly

but also has stripes…

stripes say contemporary

so there’s the play on

contemporary vs vintage.

I team it with a contemporary white dinnerset as well

floral for girls

and white for the guys.

It works!




- a tea pot


- decorate with a crochet doily

(thanks sis)



 - vintage cups and saucers





simple vases of flowers say vintage

here I’ve used a teapot

but mostly I use

an empty jam or vegemite jar.

 Make sure you don’t fuss…

pick them

and just place them in a very simple vase



  (photography & styling by me)


Adding vintage items,

should be fun,

whether they are new

or picked up from flea markets and opp shops


from nanna’s house!

But choose things that resonate with you

things that you will enjoy to look at,

as this will keep in with your style…

Your style that is unique to you.




MD Interior Design

obsessing over colour and design…

so you don’t have to! 


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Coral Pink

 Hello there friends,

How are you today?

At first glance at these beautiful paper peonies

made by my clever sister,

 artist and vintage collector Bron, Vintageandart,

I just knew I had to make them my next colour theme…

aren’t they gorgeous!

 Coral Pink with it’s yellow undertones

can make the perfect colour

for a baby or little girl’s bedroom

because of it’s

delicate and girlie personality.

Coral Pink enjoys the ease of cream

or the freshness of white.

For a more fresh contemporary feel

Paint all walls in coral pink

and keep the ceiling and trims a sharp white 


if you prefer a contemporary vintage retro theme…

then keep the walls a light cream

and paint a peice of furniture or two, (or three!)

 in this pretty hue instead.

 (photography & styling by me)


Coral Pink…

can also be a lovely colour

if you like to design or sew

baby and childrens clothing…

team it with cream,

  polka dots,

some teeny ruffles at the hem

and some pretty ribbon

and there you will have

a vintage clothing theme.

Coral pink…





MD Interior Design

Obsessing over colour and design…

so you don’t have to!




Life… and creating the ‘balance’

Hello Dear Friends,

How are you today?



Have you ever experienced a time in your life

where you felt everything was in order?

You know…

when what you think, feel and do

is in total harmony…

That’s how I feel right now


it’s been along time coming…



This year I’ve been working really hard on the balance…

the balance of life

you know…

family, exercise and work.

It’s taken all this year

but I think I’ve finally done it…

I’ve created that usually elusive balance.



 The past couple of weeks

I’ve had the privilege to colour consult on a

fairly large project…

and I’ve suprised myself at how I’ve managed to do it


AND everything else…

managed to keep the balance,

 managed to keep the guilt thing at bay…

I’ve still exercised!

I’ve still nurtured my family

and I’ve still been able to do my favourite thing…

my colour consulting work

 (and my blog ofcourse!)

Now at long last…

I feel like everything is finally in order

I’ve found that balance!

It’s a wonderful feeling!



 This is how I manage it….

 I get up early; 6am most days

get myself organised and blinged up for the day

and then I start on the housework

Do you know what?…

I always thought this took ages,

 but in fact,

it doesn’t really…

not if you keep at it

and I have a fairly small house so this helps.

Once the children are happily off to school…  Yay! 

I start work…

working on my designs, consulting,

 some photography

or a blog post.



I like to finish around 2.30pm

(having my own business usually allows for this)

I find the creativity

 to be pretty much exhausted by then,

so I go for a long walk with my border collie ’Spike’

(or rather he takes me for walk!)

This gets me back to nature

has me admiring the beautiful colours of the bush…

all those gorgeous greys and taupes

that never cease to amaze me!

Sometimes I just have to stop and stare…

at all the stunning colour combinations.

Mother Nature is so clever!

I find walking recharges both my mind

 and my body as well.


 (photography & styling by me)


Then I collect the children

and start the family thing,

quality time with them

and then ironing, cooking, organising etc.

I rarely watch t.v.

I just don’t have time..

instead I study, study, study

my fandecks, colour, design

you know… magazines, blogs, the internet

I like to keep up with what’s happening…

 be inspired by the world!

Then I go to bed

and write in my gratitude journal

of all the things I am thankful for

and there are many…

That’s how my day works on most days

it’s what works for me.

What works for you?

How do you manage to do all that you do?

Have you found that balance?



MD Interior Design

obsessing over Colour and Design…

so you don’t have to!


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blue grey and orange

Hello there friends

How are you today?



This week I’ve been thinking about… 

 blue undertoned greys and orange



Together they are contrasting and complementary



  I love the play on masculine vs feminine here

with this dark and moody blue undertoned grey

teamed with these vibrant orange roses



and again with some blue undertoned grey colour cards

and pretty butterflies



Here is my new (kikki-K) notebook

I use it to take the ‘brief’ when consulting



I couldn’t resist these cute stamps either


  (photography & styling by me)


I hope you’ve enjoyed the contrast

of blue undertoned grey and orange.

Can you see the blue undertones?

Remember friends,

grey has either blue, green or purple undertones,

so next time you see something grey

you may like to try and decide

what it’s undertone is.

I do it all the time…

it’s such fun!

x Michelle


MD Interior Design

obsessing over Colour and Design…

so you don’t have to!