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Welcome AUTUMN!



Welcome crisp, cool mornings…




Sunny, warm and calm

dreamy afternoons…. please!



Welcome long shadows



and colours of yellow and orange



Welcome Autumn!


 and welcome friends,

Many thanks to you for taking the time out

 to visit here today.




photos by me



Swedish Interiors and fuchsia

Hello friends,

How are you today?



How stunning is this Swedish Apartment?!!!

Firstly it was the architecture that caught my eye

but then I noticed the wall colour

can you see how it’s not quite white?

More of a greige…

a mix of grey and beige

contemporary and drier than the muddier taupes…

 grey but still warm

It looks so striking

and can you also see how fresh

 the sharp white woodwork looks

when teamed with this greige.

Now often when you have pale flooring

like this very beautiful parquetry,

the greige can look a little cold but…

it works because of the sharp white skirtings

 butting up to the greige and therefore breaking it up.

Greige walls come to life

when teamed with bright pops of colour

like the fuchsia accents here…

minimal colour accents

 that really ‘pop’.

Bright pops of colour is what is said

to turn the greys from drab to fab

and this room is a great illustration of this.



Here we have the dining room

and the texture of the black rug adds warmth here

again keeping the walls neutral….

makes the architecture the feature.

Incorporating a simple dining table and chairs

along with the transparency of the ’Ghost’ dining chairs,

 keeps the room looking spacious and airy.


all images via living with white 


Swedish design is all about maximising light,

keeping things simple and uncluttered

minimal, stylish

and timeless.


x Michelle


If you need help choosing colour

or introducing Swedish Design into your home

please contact me here.


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pink….. fuchsia

Hello friends,

Today’s fuchsia colour theme & photography

 is dedicated to Japan…



 with the hope….



that spring will arrive there soon….



with all it’s glorious warm sunshine….



and make life a little easier.






aqua interiors

Oh hello there friends,

How are you today?



      A Miami Apartment designed by Jennifer Post

 via House of Turquoise


I’m still thinking about aqua

so I thought I’d share some of my favourite aqua pics…

Here is aqua saying contemporary

in this magnificent white streamlined apartment.

Oh and doesn’t it speak minimalism, clean lines

and organisation!

What I especially love here is that 

it’s contemporary… yet feminine

elegant and sophisticated.


image via House of Turquoise  


Here is aqua saying vintage, relaxed, laid back…

come as you are.

Ooh, wouldn’t we love to blog from here?


Photography, cabinet and styling by the creatively gifted

 Anna-Malin Lindgren from Helt Enkelt via Decor8


and here is aqua saying swedish,


creative and fun! 

To me aqua is such a beautiful colour,

if you love aqua

then you are said to be…

sensitive but confident,


organised (most of the time)

neat and well presented.




MD Interior Design

obsessing over colour and design…

so you don’t have to!




Colour Inspiration… aqua

Hello there friends

How are you today?



This week I’ve been inspired by the charm of aqua



a mixture of blue and green



calming and soothing



aqua can say vintage or contemporary



relax here my friends

 and enjoy…



 (photography & styling by me) 


x Michelle


 If you need help choosing colour for your home

please contact me here


MD Interior Design

obsessing over colour and design…

so you don’t have to!



Home Interior Love…

Oh hello friends,

How are you today?



Whilst perusing my local Real Estate Guide

I came across this beautiful home

Isn’t it stunning?

It’s not often I see a home interior

 that really appeals to me in such a way,

but this one had me at ‘hello’

it’s so inspiring!

I love the decorative cornice

decorative skirtings, mantel

and the chandelier ofcourse!

As for the Contemporary grey walls

well, I just love them too!

And can you see just

 how much this contemporary grey

loves the sharp white woodwork?

The white sofas

and black rug

pull the whole monochrome scheme together

and the floorboards act as

a warm accent.

I really love floorboards,

they really relax a room,

 as they do here.



Here we have the kitchen

and doesn’t the dark charcoal accent wall look fabulous?

And it’s a great foil for the black and white

cabinetry and bench top.

The same colour splashback

gels what is, a very large space together.

Can you see how high the ceilings are?

Sometimes it can be really tricky

when designing a kitchen,

to make it look right

when there is no bulkhead,

but here you can see,

 the design works.



Here the kitchen incorporates

a fantastic living area

and notice how the T.V. cabinetry

mimics the kitchen cabinetry,

this again ties the whole room together.

Oh! Those ghost chairs….

they look divine

as does the pendant

and the cowhide rug.



It just keeps getting better doesn’t it??!!!

Look at the bedroom…

Gosh, it’s a dream

and the Colour!

The contemporary grey walls and rug!

That’s what grabs me at first glance,

it just looks so elegant

and complementary

against the baltic pine floorboards.

And look at the furniture,

see how the bed, bedside table

and chair are curvy

as well as the details in the mantel?

They add the romance to the room;

but the architecture of the room

with the square-set bulkhead,

keeps it contemporary.

It all looks so beautiful doesn’t it?

I wonder who did the Interior Design?

This devine home is currently on the market

with a price tag of $1,300,000 (Aus)

 The Agent – Allister Morrison,

can be contacted on  0438 508 855 


 Oh!  if only……


x Michelle!


MD Interior Design

obsessing over Colour and Design…

so you don’t have to!


If you would like to see this divine design

in your home,

please contact me here.


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