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February Roses

Hello friends

How are you today? 


  As it’s the end of February

and also the end of summer… aarrghh!

 I thought I’d pop out

and do a little clothes shopping

I love clothes…

but I could not find anything

that I really loved


 ended up in the book store.

I love books too

especially Colour and Interior Design Books


I came home with two beautiful books instead

‘White Hot’ and ‘Flowers’

 by Tricia Guild

(Tricia Guild is the founder of

Designers Guild)





Tricia loves blue,

just before it turns to mauve

so when I saw these roses in bloom

in my garden,

I felt inspired to take some photos

as it’s not everyday I see roses this colour.

I’ve manipulated the background colour though

to show you just how fabulous

different colour combinations can be.




 (photography & styling by me)


Who needs new clothes anyway,

when you have instead…

two gorgeous books that inspire

beautiful perfumed roses

a camera

and a blog!



MD Interior Design

obsessing over Colour and Design…

so you don’t have to!


Morning Dew on Pink Roses

Oh hello there friends,

how are you today?

(on my kitchen table - camera set to ’auto’) 


There was a chill in the early morning air today

the shadows are longer

as the sun moves further away.

Dew shone and sparkled on the grass

in the sunshine.



in my office   (ISO set to 100)


Whilst picking these gorgeous roses

I noticed the dew on them too

and as it looked so beautiful

I thought I’d have a go at capturing it

to show you.




I am no photographer

I can tell you


I do have a new camera

with lots of different settings,

so I thought I’d actually

play with these settings,

as the light in my office was still low and shadowy.



adjusting the Exposure setting now

(notice how this blurrs the background) 


The higher you go up the exposure scale

the more light is allowed into the lens


too high


still looks pretty though, even when blurred


That’s better


I set the ISO to 100

turned the flash off

 (flashes and blog photos don’t mix)

and then adjusted the Exposure

up and down the scale from 0 – 2

These settings let more light into the lens

for shooting in low light as I was.




You know…

 when I’d finished

I realised it had actually been quite fun!

x Michelle


Which photo(s) do you like best?


MD Interior Design

obsessing over Colour & Design…

so you don’t have to!



Creating Romantic Style in your Home

Oh hello there friends,

How are you today?

Lyn Gardener’s home via The Design Files


I’m still thinking about Romance…

so I thought I’d share

my thoughts and interpretation

on the elements

 of creating Romantic Style

in your home.


Shabby Chic 


Romantic Style is all about

 appealing to the senses…

setting the mood

to spark the emotion.

Few can deny the emotion felt

 in the Shabby Chic era

when Rachel Ashwell

created an overnight phenomenon

with her take on Romantic Style

and the emotion felt

 from this revolutionary era

still lingers today.


Shabby Chic 



 we can all recognise Romantic Style

but what are the elements

that help pull this Style together?

When focusing on Romantic Style

we need to think feminine….

 curvy, pretty, elegant,


 dreamy, floaty,

 shiny and sparkly….



Living etc




light reflecting and sparkly

chandeliers create an atmosphere

of elegance and romance.


Shabby Chic



If you prefer traditional Romantic Style

then keep your Colours

pastel, dusty or powdery


Blues, greens, pinks

and mauves (think french hues)

and ofcourse white

 all help in creating a

dreamy, pretty, feminine




If you prefer Contemporary Romantic Style

then stick to Contemporary whites, taupes


purple undertoned greys.





If you love wallpaper

then Romantic Style

allows for the ideal opportunity

to include wallpaper

in your home.


above images via British Homes and Gardens 


 This is a perfect illustration

of how to do wallpaper

without locking yourself in

to a permanent wall

of paper and paste.

Wallpaper can add colour, elegance

and prettiness to a room.


 Aura Home



Scroll back and forth

through all the photos

and notice the curved furniture.

Curves say feminine

and therefore

 add a definite feminine

element to the atmosphere.

Notice though….

the mix of curved

and squared-off furniture;

this helps to keep the design modern.

Whilst dark timber furniture looks masculine,

 white & pastel painted furniture is

an ever popular inclusion

in Romantic Style

 as it looks feminine and pretty

 and helps in creating

a relaxed atmosphere.


 British Homes&Gardens



 The architecture here

exudes atmosphere and Romance,

if you are lucky enough to have panelling

or even decorative cornice

then you are already

on your way to Romantic Style.


Living etc


Romantic Accessories

Accessories play an all important role

in completing Romantic Style

so add a decorative mirror,

accessorise with pretty colours,

shiny, sheer, silky, velvety luxurious fabrics,

pretty, feminine vintage items,

and simple vases of fresh flowers.

Flowers play a big part in

Romantic Style

especially roses…

nothing says romance like roses.


 Shabby Chic


 I hope you’ve enjoyed

looking at the different

 elements that help to make up 

Romantic Style.

I’ve had such fun writing it!

 x Michelle 


If you would like to introduce

Romantic Style into your home

or maybe just one room

then please contact me here.


MD Interior Design

obsessing over Colour and Design…

so you don’t have to!


Grey Loves…

Hello there friends,

How are you today?



I’m still thinking about grey….

what grey loves…

what grey enjoys being associated with…







Grey loves…

sharp whites


& glassware.


photos & styling by Michelle Donald


x Michelle


MD Interior Design…

obsessing over Colour

so you don’t have to!





Purple undertoned Grey Moodboard


Interior tear sheet from British Homes & Gardens 




 (photography & styling by me) 


As you can see I’ve been playing with colour again

this time creating a

purple undertoned Grey Moodboard.

Can you recognise the purple undertones?

I have included a close up

of the Grey metallic butterfly twice

(isn’t it gorgeous)


it is a blue undertoned grey

and it’s great to illustrate

a comparison.

That’s what us Colour Consultants do…

compare, compare, compare

For us it’s such fun!

x Michelle


MD Interior Design…

obsessing over colour

so you don’t have to!


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Faded Roses







Hello friends,

How are you today?



This week is busy for me

with my consulting and also

organising my children

 to return to school.

I did take a moment today though,

to pick and photograph

these roses

that I spotted

fading in the hot summer sun.

Somewhat wilted…

but still beautiful.

Their colours are just so striking!



I love how their colours

have changed

from a dark velvet red

 to a burnt black red

and fuchsia pink

and just look at

 how beautifully these colours

are complemented

by the purple undertoned

Contemporary grey background.

It really makes the colours ‘pop’ doesn’t it?



 (photography & styling by me)


I wish you a joyous week.

x Michelle


MD Interior Design

obsessing over Colour

so you don’t have to!