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Interior Colour Trend 2014 – 2105

Benjamin Moore 1


Today I am taking Inspiration from Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Interior Colour Trend.


5f5fb4fe56f70c548ef1b34a00eb52ec Benjamin Moore Fresh 3


When the Grey trend ends … We are moving to Fresh Colour.


e0eaaad94da3074917852cae0b2adeb2 Benjamin Moore Fresh 2


CapeBret.hand1.2109.ht4 Benjamin Moore


511993c6f727eee84029cd2f4a31357b Benjamin Moore Fresh 5


031714-benjamin-moore-594 Benjamin Moore Fresh 5


When Choosing Fresh Colour …  you will still need a hint of grey  to keep it Contemporary.


Breath-of-Fresh-Air-Benjamin-Moore-portstanley-013 Benjamin Moore

images … Benjamin Moore via Google


If you are in the Ballarat Area 

and need help choosing fresh Colour for your home …

Please Call Me on 0409 433 059  to book a Colour Consultation.





blue colour trend 2013


How stunnng is this room!

The pops of royal blue are a highlight for me

and can you see that this royal blue 

is much warmer than the cooler grey blues of late?

 Colour contrast …

paired with different natural textures

of wood, metal & wool

make for an exciting Design!



Here is another room

accessorisd with blue

but the warmer blues in the first pic have red in them …

they’re new, on trend …

and very, very striking!



Not everyone can afford to change their interior

with each new trend 

so if you love blue …

keep in mind

that these new warmer blues

can be introduced in the way of accessories …

 bottle and flowers …


all pics via pinterest


 or just like in this industrial setting ….

think also cushions, rugs

vases, chairs & lamps.


Warm Blue – on trend 2013


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MD Interior Design …

specialising in Colour Consultancy.


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Spring colour palette


This week …

a blissful morning spent

with the spring colour palette



flowers and colour cards




of yellow based hues …



orange red, yellow and pink …



periwinkle, violet and green …


(photos & styling by md)


didn’t want it to end!


thankyou for visiting my blog!


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Moody grey and colour


I’ve been thinking about…

moody greys with bright pops of colour


via via pinterest


This is purple undertoned grey with yellow

and what I especially love is

 how the yellow hue of the chair 

looks to have a touch of lime in it.


via 79 ideas via salvation jane


This is blue undertoned grey with primary red

and wow…

aren’t the colours striking!


via living etc uk 


This is green undertoned grey with blue

and although the moody greys

 will substantially darken a room 

 I do love how they make a great foil

for bright pops of colour!


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If you are renovating or building in the Ballarat Area

and need help choosing colour for your home…

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the colour spectrum


When I was a child

nothing made me happier…

than a new packet of textas


above images via Apartment Therapy


and it wasn’t as much about the colouring in


removing all the colours from the packet

and re-colour coding them

over and over

in different colour patterns


via pour 


Even today…

seeing colours all lined up

still makes my heart sing!


all above images via pinterest 


Here is my little saying

that allows me to easily remember the colour spectrum…



My work (if I can call it that)

as a Colour Consultant

is my dream job

it’s truly part of who I am.


Thankyou so much for visiting my blog!



If you are building or renovating

in the Ballarat Area…

and need the help of a Colour Consultant

please call me on 0409 433 058


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Contemporary Taupe or Greige

Hello friends,

Today I would like to share with you

what I have discovered about Taupe.




so you’ve probably heard the words… 

taupe, grey beige or greige

but which one is it?

Is it taupe?

Is it grey beige

or is it greige?



 well, it’s basically all of the above


taupe, grey beige and greige

all contain one underlying factor

one unifying element…

a defining pink undertone.



So let me explain from the start…

In the past taupe has been known and recognised

as a mixture of grey and brown

but just as colour trends have changed

so has taupe.

As our contemporary neutrals

have now become cleaner and drier,

taupe is now more commonly referred to

as a mixture of grey and beige…


This cleaner and drier greige

also has a higher grey content

which has allowed taupe to remain

at the forefront of Contemporary Design.



Taupe (greige) is elegant and chic

and can make a great foil for bright pops of colour.

The new greige’s with their very greyed base

come to life with colour

and a simple but effective way

of introducing colour into your home

is with fresh flowers.

Taupe (griege) also has an extraordinary ability

to make siver and glass shine.



There is one guideline or rule though,

when it comes to taupe (greige)

that I must share with you…

it has an aversion to yellow

which includes yellowy creams or yellowy beiges.

 You see…

pink undertones and yellow undertones

each have a very strong personality

and they both like to be boss,

so if placed together

they compete for hierarchy

resulting in chaos and discord.

I kid you not!



Taupe, (greige) with it’s warm pink undertone

and complex nature,

has a versatility in it’s range of hue like no other neutral.

It also has the ability to change in natural light

and change again when placed alongside certain colours.

It will work in a light and bright colour scheme

or just like the Contemporary Greys…

create an atmosphere of moody sophistication.


 (photography & styling by me)


During my years of Colour Consulting

I have found

few can deny the beauty,

the warmth and calmness

of this ever evolving Contemporary neutral.

Taupe…. Greige…..




If you are in the Ballarat Area

and need help choosing

a Contemporary Colour Scheme

for your home…

please contact me here.


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Contemporary Grey

Hello friends,

 How are you today?


This is blue undertoned grey



The blue undertones are ever so subtle…



but there.



This is green undertoned grey



sometimes the undertones are impossible see …



without comparing one grey to another.




This is purple undertoned grey



it’s beauty makes it very chic


(photography & styling by me)


and very on trend.


Can you see the different undertones?


Contemporary Grey has either

blue, green or purple undertones.





MD Interior Design

obsessing over Colour and Design…

so you don’t have to!


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blue grey and orange

Hello there friends

How are you today?



This week I’ve been thinking about… 

 blue undertoned greys and orange



Together they are contrasting and complementary



  I love the play on masculine vs feminine here

with this dark and moody blue undertoned grey

teamed with these vibrant orange roses



and again with some blue undertoned grey colour cards

and pretty butterflies



Here is my new (kikki-K) notebook

I use it to take the ‘brief’ when consulting



I couldn’t resist these cute stamps either


  (photography & styling by me)


I hope you’ve enjoyed the contrast

of blue undertoned grey and orange.

Can you see the blue undertones?

Remember friends,

grey has either blue, green or purple undertones,

so next time you see something grey

you may like to try and decide

what it’s undertone is.

I do it all the time…

it’s such fun!

x Michelle


MD Interior Design

obsessing over Colour and Design…

so you don’t have to!


Grey Loves…

Hello there friends,

How are you today?



I’m still thinking about grey….

what grey loves…

what grey enjoys being associated with…







Grey loves…

sharp whites


& glassware.


photos & styling by Michelle Donald


x Michelle


MD Interior Design…

obsessing over Colour

so you don’t have to!





Purple undertoned Grey Moodboard


Interior tear sheet from British Homes & Gardens 




 (photography & styling by me) 


As you can see I’ve been playing with colour again

this time creating a

purple undertoned Grey Moodboard.

Can you recognise the purple undertones?

I have included a close up

of the Grey metallic butterfly twice

(isn’t it gorgeous)


it is a blue undertoned grey

and it’s great to illustrate

a comparison.

That’s what us Colour Consultants do…

compare, compare, compare

For us it’s such fun!

x Michelle


MD Interior Design…

obsessing over colour

so you don’t have to!


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