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Purple grey red & white


Today …

purple grey, red and white

and a glimpse of my work …

(my salvation!)



beautiful Dulux Colours

were chosen …


for an Art Deco Apartment renovation

I have been working on …



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Specifying Grey

Hello my friend,

This is a Colour and Interior Design blog

so to start the new year off

allow me start explaining

what I have discovered about grey

my way…

my interpretation….

I am always conservative when it comes to specifying

greys and there is a reason….

you see…..

most greys are cool greys

except for taupe grey

which is a mixture of grey and beige.

The cooler greys are the ones that have green,

blue or purple undertones

but taupe grey has pink undertones

which makes it a warm grey.

Contemporary Design is now moving away

from yellow based greys to grey based greys.

The yellow based greys are complex greys

which means they have a greater range of colour

included in their formula

to make them muted, laid back or dirty

but the new on trend contemporary neutral greys

have a grey base with a minimum of colours

included in their formula

and this is why they are classed as neutral greys

and it’s also why

they appear cleaner and more contemporary

but also

cooler again than the (already cool) yellow based greys.

I hope this doesn’t sound too confusing!

Introducing cool greys into your home

can have a chilly affect on your interior

if you live in a cool climate (like me)

and I’ve been a witness to the stories

from both males and females

of how when painting their interior in grey

(they chose the grey themselves)

one was duck egg blue

- a  yellow based blue undertoned grey – cold!

it had an adverse effect on their personality

they described it as ‘mood lowering”

and gloomy.

I was absolutely fascinated to hear this

because I am all about…

people living their life authentically

and to do this

I believe….

surrounding youself

with the colours you love

really helps in living an authentic life

you know….

accepting who you are

your likes and dislikes

and running with it.

So here is my advice…. if you love grey

and let’s admit it,

greys do bring a chic sophisticated look to a home

but not forgetting…

it’s not just how your home looks…

it is also about how your home feels…

how it makes you feel


if you live in a warm climate

where you need to ‘cool’ your interior

then go for it!

Greys can look amazing

and my advice for those of you living in cooler climates…

stick to the taupe greys in your main living areas

because taupe greys have the warm, pink undertone

but if you would like to introduce a cool grey then…

I suggest using cooler greys in the rooms

you use less

like in a bedroom

where you can warm it up

with beautiful warm bedding textures and colours

or maybe give your home

a sophisticated and elegant first impression

with a grey entryway


this is Dulux Wayward Grey

 a purple undertoned grey

 very chic and on trend

 and doesn’t it look amazing?


all photography by Robert Reichenfeld via Australian House & Garden

or maybe

introduce a grey painted piece of furniture

like this one

(it all represents mixing old & new in Contemporary Design)

The green undertone of this grey

is really easy to see isn’t it?

It’s also a yellow based green undertoned grey

can you see how the yellow base adds warmth?

remember greys can be beautiful

and for the most part they are….

all they need is a little consideration

to make them an enjoyable inclusion in your home.


x Michelle


MD Interior Design… obsessing over Colour so you don’t have to!