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Morning Dew on Pink Roses

Oh hello there friends,

how are you today?

(on my kitchen table - camera set to ’auto’) 


There was a chill in the early morning air today

the shadows are longer

as the sun moves further away.

Dew shone and sparkled on the grass

in the sunshine.



in my office   (ISO set to 100)


Whilst picking these gorgeous roses

I noticed the dew on them too

and as it looked so beautiful

I thought I’d have a go at capturing it

to show you.




I am no photographer

I can tell you


I do have a new camera

with lots of different settings,

so I thought I’d actually

play with these settings,

as the light in my office was still low and shadowy.



adjusting the Exposure setting now

(notice how this blurrs the background) 


The higher you go up the exposure scale

the more light is allowed into the lens


too high


still looks pretty though, even when blurred


That’s better


I set the ISO to 100

turned the flash off

 (flashes and blog photos don’t mix)

and then adjusted the Exposure

up and down the scale from 0 – 2

These settings let more light into the lens

for shooting in low light as I was.




You know…

 when I’d finished

I realised it had actually been quite fun!

x Michelle


Which photo(s) do you like best?


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