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Still Working Over Xmas


Hi Everyone,

Just letting you know…

I am still working over Xmas.

I will take the main public holidays off

ie. Christimas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day.

Otherwise I am here to help you.


If you are Building or Renovating in the Balllarat Area

and need a Colour Consultant …

Please Call me (Michelle) on 0409 433 058








A little more Autumn Fashion Shopping 2012


This week, even though

 I’ve been fabulously busy with my work …

I’ve still been thinking about

my Autumn wardrobe!




A new shirt …

in my favourite Autumn colour …


Lovely colour and style  …

with the added element of vintage …

with it’s peter-pan collar and tie

reminiscent of the 1950′s ‘prim and proper’ era …

which I will juxtapose with jeans and boots


and OMG!

I’m so in love

 with these new chestnut coloured suede boots!



A new fun bracelet …

and orange will make the perfect accent colour



 I’m embracing Autumn

with pretty flowers of Aster Daisies

in a new contemporary bottle.


Shirt & Bracelet … Sportsgirl

Boots … by Valeria Grossi from Tony Bianco

Bottle … Myer


Thankyou for visiting my blog!



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Autumn Fashion Shopping 2012


As soon as it gets to February

I start thinking about shopping

 for my autumn wardrobe …

 these are the things

 that have ‘spoken’ to me so far …



Two new merino wool tops which I can layer …

one a creamy neutral with a pink undertone

and the other a purple undertoned grey



I fell in love …

 with the texture and warmth of this vest,

 it’s neutral colour with it’s pink undertone


These boots with their vintage patina

spoke to me also

see how they’re a low ankle height?

That’s the new winter look …

they can be worn with straight jeans

or with skinny leg jeans tucked into them.

The boots are grey and have a green undertone.



I really wanted some new bracelets too

and I loved the natural look of these,

see the charcoal beads?…

they have a purple undertone.

The reason I bought two is so

I can wear them on both wrists!


photos/styling by me


Just like in Interior Design …

the Vintage vibe continues in fashion

this Autumn/Winter

 off-set by natural textures

so mix it up with natural elements …

  think …

 wood, wool, leather and suede,

but most of all have fun with fashion!


Tops …  Kookai

Vest … Country Road

Boots … glue

Bracelets … Sportsgirl


Thankyou for visiting my blog!



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Revamping a chair


This week I’ve had such fun

revamping an old chair…



I really wanted to girlie it up…

so firstly I painted the lower legs white,

and then the rest in a fun retro inspired clear red

before adding some extra pretty detail

with pink washi tape



photos/styling by me


The red paint colour is

Dulux Happy Valentine!


Thankyou for visiting my blog!



If you are building or renovating

in the Ballarat Area and

need the help of a Colour Consultant…

please call me on 0409 433 058


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Summertime… around my home


There are flowers flowering…



The birds are singing…

well almost!



The agapanthus are in full bloom



The mantelpiece has been redecorated




a garland has been made…

inspired by swedish colour trends

and as usual…

colour cards make their way inside



photos/styling by me


The weather is warm,

making everything seem easier

and there is new inspiration

and new creativity in the air!


Thankyou for visiting my blog!



If you are building or renovating

in the Ballarat Area

and need a Colour Consultant…

please call me on 0409 433 058


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the colour spectrum


When I was a child

nothing made me happier…

than a new packet of textas


above images via Apartment Therapy


and it wasn’t as much about the colouring in


removing all the colours from the packet

and re-colour coding them

over and over

in different colour patterns


via pour 


Even today…

seeing colours all lined up

still makes my heart sing!


all above images via pinterest 


Here is my little saying

that allows me to easily remember the colour spectrum…



My work (if I can call it that)

as a Colour Consultant

is my dream job

it’s truly part of who I am.


Thankyou so much for visiting my blog!



If you are building or renovating

in the Ballarat Area…

and need the help of a Colour Consultant

please call me on 0409 433 058


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Spring Shopping


Last weekend…

I went shopping in Melbourne

It was such fun!



I looked at all the shoes

but loved these ones

because of the wedge,

the bow

and the camel coloured leather

with it’s slight pink undertone.

 Some contemporary torquoise and gold jewellery

adds a complementary colour

and some youthful fun!



I loved the colour of this top too

and when I saw the puffed sleeve…

I knew it was for me.

I can dress it up


dress it casually with a pair of jeans.



I needed some new singlet tops too…

and they can be worn under the tee

on cooler days

and the peach scarf I just could not resist.


(photography & styling by me)


Because I obsess over colour…

I’ve studied what colours suit me best

the ones that compliment my eye and hair colour

and my skin tone

so now I always shop by colour

it makes shopping quicker and much easier

it also means that everything I buy

can be mixed and matched

avoiding costly shopping mistakes.

(and haven’t we all been there?!)



Tee….. Cue

Singlets….  Portmans

Jewellery….  Diva

Scarf… Myer

Shoes by Sandler…. Myer/David Jones


Thankyou for visiting!



MD Interior Design

obsessing over colour and design…

so you don’t have to.


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Colour Inspiration… Lilac



This week…

it’s all about lilac.





Lilac buds placed on a backdrop

 of the beautiful fuchsia pink…

 Resene Smitten




the lilac moodboard…






I’ve been repainting some vintage furniture too….



(photography & styling by me)


Now that Contemporary design

is mixing old and new…

Vintage is huge

and a  great way to add a little vintage to your home

 is with painted vintage furniture.

 Get the look with

Resene Soapstone.


 I’ve so loved this week of

painting, floral photography and moodboards…

it’s been pure joy!


Thankyou so much for visiting me here today!



If you are in the Ballarat Area

and need help choosing colour for your home…

please contact me here


 MD Interior Design

obsessing over Colour and Design…

so you don’t have to!


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Decorating the Mantel

Hello friends,


I have a mantel shelf in my lounge room

  it’s timber

and probably a little too masculine for me

 because I am always trying to pretty it up

 with girlie things I love….



I love the romance…

 of fresh flowers and decorative glass jars 

and as you can see…

my craze on upcycled empty cans continues!

I also really enjoy changing the colour theme

today it’s blue purple and pink! 



I love glass, mirror and silverware placed together

and a black and white photograph adds a little vintage

I also love Ribbon…



and paper!



 (photography & styling by me)



All the things I love…

On the mantel shelf

to help make my house a home.


Thankyou for taking the time out to visit me here today!



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