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The Art Deco renovation


Welcome! …

 to the Art Deco Apartment renovation …

one of my favourite Design Assignments for 2012!

My Brief …

‘contemporary but with retro influences,

a little quirky with something unexpected!’



See the bulkheads below the cornice?

Well, we needed power to the tv and split system 

but, because the Apartment was built in the 1930′s …

 nearly all the walls were made from concrete!

This meant that 

all the wiring had to be hidden in newly built bulkheads …

 so to be sympathetic to the art deco architecture …

any original cornice that had to be removed,

was subsequently replaced with new matching cornice.



Now for the paint and colour design …

I had just received a new Dulux fandeck,

so I really wanted to use all newly released colours …

colours that ‘spoke to me’

so I chose 

‘Dulux Subdue quarter’   for the walls

which is a beautiful white with a purple undertone …

(but not cold looking)

and for the fireplace …

‘Dulux Caboose’  …

a purple undertoned grey.

Painting the fireplace a little darker

makes a great focal foil for the t.v;

 adds atmosphere and drama to the room,

as well as complimenting the curved architecture

of the fireplace.

The dated 1970′s heater was replaced

with a new gas log fire.

 The floorboards were then sanded

and sealed with a clear lacquer.



In the living area …

I also included a small table and chairs.

Here the window is north facing

with beautiful light …

perfect for reading magazines

and drinking endless cups of tea!




and what’s an Art Deco renovation

without beautiful flowers?!!!



wFlowers bring an aliveness to any room



This room is the ‘quirky’ room …

originally just an empty walkway

that led to the front of the apartment …

but it seemed to me …

to be the perfect spot for a study.

So a desk was built-in

and the above wall was decorated with prints

 created by my client back in her school days …

Don’t they look perfect!

I chose ‘Dulux Smokebush’ …

a  subtle purple undertoned grey

for the desk wall.



Here is the dining room …

with Spectacular views over Ballarat.

My love of Swedish style

along with the brief for retro …

allowed for a Tulip Dining Table

and Harry Bertoia chairs.



Choosing a round table for this room …

also complimented the architecture

of the art deco curved wall.



and here is ‘unexpected’ …  

for people seated at the dining table

and missing out on the lovely view …

fabulous wallpaper adorns

the opposite walls!




Now we’re back in the living area

and heading towards the kitchen ….

 vintage posters from the 30′s

‘Gone with the Wind’


‘Wuthering Heights’

decorate the walls

and tie in with the history

of the art deco era.


This is the newly designed kitchen

with all the mod cons of today …

 black & white glossy cabinetry

says Art Deco Modernism.



A vibrant splashback in red …

adds retro influences to the design.



The original art deco design

made no allowance for a laundry

so this was carefully intertwined into the kitchen design …

so that both the kitchen and laundry

had their own separate identity.

The lower kitchen cabinetry was designed in white

along with the partitioning pantry …

and the laundry cabinetry was designed in black gloss,

more masculine and industrial …

but also contemporary and sophisticated.



now for the Master Bedroom …

my client requested ‘wallpaper and moody’

I choose the stunning blue turning to purple

‘Dulux Strap’    for the walls

with flocked metallic wallpaper for behind the bed.



I actually spent quite a lot of time …

matching the colour of the wallpaper flocking

to the wall colour ….

 because I wanted them to be perfect partners …

 in the design and decoration

of the art deco Master Bedroom.



I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing …

the Art Deco Apartment Renovation!


Design …

Styling & Photography …

by MD Interior Design


Many Thanks for visiting my blog!




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Swedish Design Inspiration from Tine K


Today …

swedish design inspiration 

from the home of Tine K …

white, clean, classic …






The table …

moroccon style …

  popular in swedish design right now



A view to Tine K’s contemporay kitchen …

but a little rustic elegance

ties in nicely too.


via blackballoon blog   

  photography by anna-malin


I hope you’ve been

 inspired too …

by the beautiful home Tine K


Thankyou for visiting my blog!


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If you are in the Ballarat Area and need help

in creating Swedish Design in your home …

please call me on 0409 433 058.

“Love being at home!.


Purple grey red & white


Today …

purple grey, red and white

and a glimpse of my work …

(my salvation!)



beautiful Dulux Colours

were chosen …


for an Art Deco Apartment renovation

I have been working on …



Colour & Furniture Design,

 Styling and Photography 

by md


Thankyou for visiting my blog!


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Inspiring interior design trends


I’m totally in love with these interiors….

the colour palette,



 the simplicity of the contemporary design,

 the natural textures



but also the styling composition

and photography…



all images via homelife insideout magazine


just beautiful!


Thankyou for visiting my blog

and happy new year.



If you are building or renovating in the Ballarat Area

and need a Colour Consultant…

please call me on 0409 433 058.

Ballarat Colour Consultant

using Dulux and Resene Paints.




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Inspiring White interiors

via White Cabana


 Today is all about inspiring white interiors…

always elegant, always timeless


 how amazing do these empty frames look!


via emmas blog 



 sophisticated and minimal,

allowing the architecture to shine.


via Designs of My Mod-Artsy Apartment


white makes a great foil

for bright pops of colour.



 via design spirationsk


Don’t you just love the girlie romance of this room!



via Living with White  and all above images via pinterest


If you find white a bit too disciplined…

then maybe you’d prefer

a beautiful contemporary greige

still sophisticated…

just a little more forgiving.


Enjoy the timeless beauty of the all white interior.




If you are in the Ballarat Area

and need help choosing

a beautiful white or griege for your home…

please call me on 0409 433 058


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Inspiring Grey Interiors


How beautiful is this swedish bedroom!

I love the super stylish contemporary grey walls

with their blue undertone…

the perfect complementary colour

for the pale wooden floors.

 The bed is not overstyled

and the atmosphere is relaxed.


Here is grey, dark and moody

and what I particularly love about this room

besides the architecture and parquetry is…

how the coloured eames chairs

 relax the room

  fun it up

and stop it from looking formal and stuffy.



 no link!


Who says grey can’t be girlie?

Again the atmosphere is relaxed…

but very romantic.



Gorgeous swedish interior styling

I could just stare and stare…


and again….

awesome styling with grey.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these pics from around the web

 via pinterest

they make a great illustation of how… 

Design is moving away from

formal, stuffy interiors.



Which room is your favourite?





If you are in the Ballarat area

and need help choosing a beautiful grey

for your home…

please call me on 0409 433 058

or here.


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A Contemporary Vintage Home

 Hello friends,

Come inside and enjoy

a contemporary vintage home

so tastefully renovated and styled by josh and jenna

  from ‘the block’.

Don’t you just love the contemporary grey walls

and can you recognise the blue undertones?

Just look at this window seat…

it’s the perfect place to enjoy the sun

and I really love the styling.

Do you notice

 that the vintage bedside tables don’t match?

Now that design has moved away from

stuffy interiors…

they create a relaxed and lived-in atmosphere.

Simple flowers in a vase

also bring a feeling of aliveness to the room.

A walk-in-robe any of us girls would be proud of!

with lots of pigeon holes for shoes

oh joy!

Here is the kitchen

sleek and contemporary

with scandinavian influences.

I love the industrial globe lighting.

 In the dining area

 the star feature is

this 1000mm diameter

umbrella pendant.

It certainly has the wow factor!

Oh, and should I mention it costs ‘a bomb!’

 The Eames chairs

and the all white walls

echo scandinavian design.

Vintage posters keep the room

young and fun.

 Here is the living area…

simple and functional

with a vintage retro edge.

 all photos via ninemsn

The beautiful contemporary greys

continue from inside to outside

for elegance and stylish continuity.

Although josh and jenna’s home

didn’t to sell at auction….

they have decided

to start their own styling/design business

Bicker Design Co.

I wish them every success…

they certainly deserve it.


If you are in the Ballarat Area

and would like to see

Contemporary Greys and Whites

in your home

inspired by josh & jenna’s

renovated home…

please contact me here.

MD Interior Design

obsessing over colour and design…

so you don’t have to!

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A fresh take on Contemporary Vintage

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A fresh take on Contemporary Vintage

Hello friends,

How are you today? 


I know, I know….

it just takes your breath away doesn’t it!

It’s a fresh take on

Contemporary Vintage

and Oh me, Oh my…  it’s stunning!

It’s also the home of the very talented Yvonne

from yvestown

who kindly granted me permission

to use her photos.

Many thanks Yvonne!




 The industrial lights say contemporary,

 the all white interior

and bright pops of colour say contemporary ’fresh’

and the Smeg fridge says contemporary vintage.

Glorious, Glorious Glorious!




The colour theme

is blue, green, pink and red

and it all goes together so beautifully.

Do you notice the floral oven mitt

 hanging against the very contemporary

smeg cooker?

It’s says vintage

as does the spotted one above.

How clever!





the colour theme has been repeated here

with lovely kitchen accessories.

The mixer…

placed on the counter top

says vintage retro.



Have you ever…?

in your life

seen such a gorgeous loo!

Gosh, the floral wallpaper!

and look at the lovely blue in the tiled floor.

 With it’s fresh but relaxed take on


but with a definite feminine edge…

 who wouldn’t want to be

surrounded by

by the beauty of

Contemporary Vintage!


What do you think my dear reader

do you love it too?



If you would like to see

a fresh take on

Contemporary Vintage in your home…

please contact me here


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