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blue colour trend 2013


How stunnng is this room!

The pops of royal blue are a highlight for me

and can you see that this royal blue 

is much warmer than the cooler grey blues of late?

 Colour contrast …

paired with different natural textures

of wood, metal & wool

make for an exciting Design!



Here is another room

accessorisd with blue

but the warmer blues in the first pic have red in them …

they’re new, on trend …

and very, very striking!



Not everyone can afford to change their interior

with each new trend 

so if you love blue …

keep in mind

that these new warmer blues

can be introduced in the way of accessories …

 bottle and flowers …


all pics via pinterest


 or just like in this industrial setting ….

think also cushions, rugs

vases, chairs & lamps.


Warm Blue – on trend 2013


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MD Interior Design …

specialising in Colour Consultancy.


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Just as the seasons change …

via. pinterest no link!


 A new day …

a new season …

and beautiful soothing colours

of aqua and pink


via pinterest


 but also …

a shocking realisation 

that just when …

I thought everything was perfect in my world

that I finally had things all worked out …

that we have id

..all images via pinterest        above via madame cupcake.tumblr


Life has reminded me …

 that ultimately

we are never really in control!


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Pretty pastel Colours

xmas in red and white


I’ve finally decided on the my xmas colour theme…

red and white…

fun, bright and cheery!



Here is a moodboard

of all the things that ‘spoke’ to me this xmas



I’m happy to add a little ‘natural’

into the mix

to ground and relax the colour theme.



a crochet star adds a touch of vintage



my tree…

simple, minimal

and contemporary

Just how I like it!


(photography and styling by me) 


Wishing you all the joys of xmas everyone

and thankyou for visiting my blog!

See you back here soon.



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a contemporary traditional xmas



 This week…

a contemporary traditional xmas colour scheme




with colours of red and green





but with whispers of tradition



(photography and styling by me)



Colour Palette


  Colour: Resene Quarter Rakaia  
Chart: Resene The Range whites & neutrals (2010)


Colour: Resene Howzat  
Chart: Resene The Range 2011/12


 Colour: Resene Roadster  
Chart: Resene Multi-finish range 2008


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 a contemporary grey xmas

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a contemporary grey xmas



Thinking about…

a contemporary xmas colour theme



inspired by the beautiful contemporary greys



with echoes of scandinavia…




(photography & styling by me)


and the joy of xmas.



xmas greetings & thankyou to all who visit 




If you are building or renovating in the Ballarat Area

and need the help of a Colour Consultant

please call me on 0409 433 058


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Happy Easter!

Hello there dear friends,

How are you today?



 Easter is almost apon us

and I always find this time of year exciting…

 mostly because of the chocolate!

but also because it’s about

spending quality time with family and friends

enjoying yummy chocolate eggs with my children

(sorry scales!)


and drinking endless cups of tea.



It’s about reading lovely magazines’s

 and ignoring the clock,

 taking long walks

and admiring the beauty

 of mother nature.




Happy Easter to you!

I wish you much laughter, joy and happiness

at Easter time

please stay safe,

and enjoy… 



 (photography & styling by me)


p.s. I have a little saying

 when it comes to easter eggs…

it’s always the first egg

the very first bite,

the first snap through the egg,

the first delicious taste

of the chocolate slowly melting away 

  thrilling the tastebuds and the senses. 

No other is quite like it.



pink….. fuchsia

Hello friends,

Today’s fuchsia colour theme & photography

 is dedicated to Japan…



 with the hope….



that spring will arrive there soon….



with all it’s glorious warm sunshine….



and make life a little easier.