Firstly .... Welcome to my website!

My name is Michelle Donald 

and I am the Director of MD Interior Design.


I first decided to be a Colour Consultant in 2007

as I was repainting and could not find the right grey for my home.  

My walls were marked with 20 sample pot colours

but none of them were quite right.

That was the inspirational moment

that sent me back to school

to study Colour and Interior Design.  

I figured that there were people out there just like me, 

who needed colour advice

and here I am almost 12 years later, still inspired by Colour.


In these 12 years I have gone on to purchase and renovate properties

and the whole experience has been quite phenomenal.    

Now I like to mentor others, inspire and encourage.


Now if you think my life has been all light and breezy, then think again ....

I have had many personal challenges just like everyone else,

with precious family members experiencing terminall illnesses,

that have resulted in my walking  'The dark night of the soul'.  


What all of this has taught me is courage, resilience, humbleness and forgiveness.

I've come out of the other side and now I walk the path of my authentic self.


If you need help, advice or mentorship with your next project,

then I look forward to helping you.


I can be contacted on M. 0409 433 058  


I work from Torquay and Ballarat but if you are not in the area,

I also do online consultations

which really only require you to have a phone or email.


I look forward to hearing from you.